Smart City Proposal

Silvassa has been selected by the Ministry of Urban Development as one of the 23 smart cities to participate in the Fast Track Round of the Smart City Challenge by the Ministry of Urban Development, Government of India.

In December 2015, Silvassa Municipal Council had undertaken a number of initiatives to engage its citizens as we believe that is central to defining the vision and choosing the way forward for Smart City Silvassa. The received citizen feedback was carefully noted, analysed and incorporated in the way forward. Face to face interaction, focus group meetings, online polls, seminars and educative conferences with citizens had all helped in achieving increased efficiency, assistance in prioritization of strategies and projects, allocation of resources, guidance in preparing an enhanced implementation processes for the Smart City proposal.

After the proposal evaluation, 20 cities were selected as Smart Cities along with 23 other cities for Fast Track Assessment. Silvassa was selected among the Fast Track Cities and will re-prepare a proposal by 15th April 2016 for it’s selection with the first 20 cities for receiving the Smart City Development funding.

The proposal preparation is underway, and we invite all citizens for their valued feedback and suggestions by participating in the Citizen Engagement process.

We will be updating the Smart City proposal on this page on it’s completion.

Once again, please come forth and give your feedback as it will help us in concluding the proposal.